Barnoldswick Festival of Food and Drink

Saturday 25 April 2020 – Town Square, Barnoldswick

A full day’s entertainment is on its way, with specialist food and drink from around West Craven and beyond. This year sees the return of the World Meat Pie Championships (which ISN’T just a meat pie competition – more later), and our new Bake-a-Cake competition.

Exhibiting at the event:

Stalls will be available for food and drink producers and retailers, although we have a policy of no more than a couple of stalls each specialising in the same thing. A number have already been taken, so if you want to exhibit or sell at the event please get your application in quickly. Contact Jo at Barnoldswick Town Council on 01282 788090, or fill in all your details on our Contacts page and someone will get back to you to confirm your booking.

The World Meat Pie championships:

It’s just a name – a name we managed to secure because no-one had registered it before, so we grabbed it, set up a website and claimed it for the town! It IS a pie competition, but it’s for ALL types of pies, and for ALL levels of competence.

A traditional pork pie

You’ll find all of the details re specifications etc on our sister website – – but there are three basic types – meat-based, vegetarian/vegan, and fruit. We’ve also introduced quiche as a class this year, due to popular demand. As before we have an amateur (home baker) and a professional section for each. Entry forms can be found by clicking the drop-down menu at the top of this page, and we’ll be putting out paper entry forms at a couple of locations in the town as we get nearer to the event.

The Bake-a-Cake competition:

So far we haven’t fixed definite categories, but we expect them to be very simple – a basic sponge (plain or decorated) and fruit cake. Once again we’d like to see entries from absolute beginners, as well as the more accomplished bakers amongst you, and again there will be amateur and professional classes.

Victoria sponge cake

At the moment we only have one judge for the cake event (21/02/2020) and would ideally like another to come along. If you would like to be considered please use the contact form on our Contacts page.

UPDATE: We now have another volunteer for the Bake-a-Cake judging; just in case though, it would be useful to have at least one reserve who can take on any of the roles involved on the day. Judging will potentially involve meat-based products, vegetarian and vegan products, and a range of cakes. If you want to be included as a reserve send a message via the Contacts page – full training will be given!


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